Passe Partouts 40x70 cm

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Passe-partouts 40x70 cm contribute to the effect of the work

By choosing a 40x70cm passe-partout from the collection, you can significantly influence the atmosphere and appearance of the work. Therefore, think carefully in advance about the purpose for which a passe-partout should serve. Do you want the work to be more prominent with a light color passe-partout? Or do you prefer a dark passe-partout, which allows you to look at a photo or work of art for longer?

The brightness of a mat determines how colors are perceived

Did you know that the brightness of a passe-partout plays a crucial role in the presentation of the image? This determines how colors are perceived. If a poster, diploma or work of art mainly consists of cooler colors, you can accentuate this color scheme with a passe-partout in the same colour. If you use a passe-partout in off-white, you can, for example, enhance an image in warmer colours.

A dark color 40x70 cm mat for a dark frame

For the best result, a dark color passe-partout for a dark frame and a lighter color passe-partout for a lighter frame is recommended. This allows an image that is framed to be optimally accentuated. Do you opt for a family photo or a nice photo with friends? In that case, a lighter color passe-partout is best. View all passe-partouts 40x70 cm online and order your favorite color via