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The illusion of a stone wall mural

Living in a loft: it is very popular right now and it is the dream of many people. The industrial and urban look are completely hip. But no loft is complete without a beautiful brick wall.

Do you live in a loft, but do you miss such a wall? Or do you live in a different type of house and would you like to bring a new look into your home? Then a wall murals wall can offer the solution!

A photo wall on your wall

With the photo wallpaper wall you create the illusion that you have a completely different kind of wall. By using this wallpaper, you can easily change the atmosphere in your living space, without having to remove all the drywall or build something new right away.

You can simply attach the wall photo wallpaper to your wall and immediately give the room a new look.

Types of walls

There are different types of prints on wall murals. For example, you can opt for a neat brick wall, but you can also order a carefully sloppy stacked wall. With the photo wallpaper where the stones are different in size, it will almost feel like you are in a medieval castle.

There are also different colors of wallpaper available, so that it always matches your interior. For a bedroom, the photo wallpaper of a natural stone wall can provide a beautiful, soothing atmosphere. If you have a more industrial style, you can choose the wall mural of a weathered brick wall. This is how you create the true loft look.

Whatever your taste, you can easily create a new atmosphere in your home with the photo wallpaper wall. In no time at all, your living space has a new wall, as it were, a true metamorphosis!