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Black and white wall mural gives a luxurious and stylish look

Have you ever thought about enriching your interior with a black and white wall murals? In our range you can choose from a wide range of prints. The photo wallpaper is suitable for every room in the house and thanks to the different dimensions, there is also plenty of choice for your interior.

Which room in your house would you like to give a makeover? View all prints in black and white on this page and order easily and quickly in just a few minutes.

Wide range (of) various photo wallpaper styles

You have come to the right place for various wishes. For example, you can easily create a playful effect by choosing futuristic photo wallpaper motifs in black and white for your interior. A landscape with contrasting colors, on the other hand, creates harmony in the entire room.

The choice is yours. By then applying another bright accent color that you apply consistently throughout the entire interior, your new place to be is ready to be enjoyed. Combine the wallpaper with beautiful furniture or decorations such as curtains, carpets, decorative pillows and vases. How about the color red, yellow or turquoise? Black and white motifs of cities and architecture are, of course, extremely popular for on the wall.

Think of a beautiful image of the Tower Bridge in London, the streets in Madrid or the beautiful Eiffel Tower as a unique photo wallpaper on the wall. Our Amsterdam canals are also a popular motif photo wallpaper from Yourdecoration.com. All your favorite countries or destinations are available within our wide range.

High-contrast composition

Nowadays, a black and white photo wallpaper is becoming increasingly popular within the modern style. For a unique contrast, choose a black and white wallpaper with small shapes. Then combine this wallpaper with white furniture and black decorations or vice versa. This combination looks sleek and radiates balance. It's just a matter of preference.

In any case, your guests will be amazed by the sleek appearance upon entry. Which room do you provide with a beautiful close-up black/white print on the wall? The space will appear much larger if you combine primary colors on the wall. This optically enlarges any desired room. Moreover, a wallpaper in black and white style is timeless and can be used in almost any interior.

The best quality for a competitive price

Our wall murals are available in the form of a robust non-woven wall mural or wall mural paper. The wallpaper is durable, water and scratch resistant and offers an insulating layer. Ideal for the bedroom, living room or even office space. Depending on the dimensions of the wall, the wallpaper is delivered in several strips. It is easy to apply and the wallpaper strips fit together seamlessly.

So rest assured that the motif will fit on the wall. Always work from top to bottom when wallpapering and make sure not to use too much glue. This way you enjoy a professional result and a durable, resistant photo wallpaper. Make your choice from the wide collection of Yourdecoration.com and give every desired room a unique style with black and white colors.