Passe Partouts 40x50 cm

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Passe-partouts 40x50 cm immediately brighten up a work of art

The passe-partouts 40x50cm from the versatile collection of ensure that every work of art immediately comes into its own. It doesn't matter what kind of artwork you have or what the color of the photo frame is, there is more than enough choice for every style and color scheme. The artwork that you like to hang on the wall immediately gets more charm and becomes a lot more lively. Make your work completely unique and increase the protection by choosing the passe-partouts from

Passe-partouts 40x50cm: Extremely suitable for medium-sized works of art

Is there an heirloom in the family right now or did you purchase a medium-sized work of art at an auction? Or are you the proud owner of a pearl from an antique shop? In all cases, 40x50 cm passe-partouts should not be missing in your photo frame. This makes the work of art completely unique and because of the many sizes of passe-partouts from the collection, you can be sure that there are sufficient options for every size of work of art.

Made of special 40x50 cm Passe-partout cardboard

Did you know our 40x50cm passe-partouts are made of a special kind of cardboard? As a result, the artwork can never be affected and you protect the artwork against moisture and dust. Ideal if, for example, it concerns a charcoal drawing or a watercolour. Because a passe-partout largely determines the atmosphere of the artwork, you can choose to order several colors directly. So you can effortlessly change the atmosphere of the work on the wall all year round.