M.C. Escher Art Print

Escher, the most famous Dutch Frisian

You are undoubtedly familiar with the drawing “Ascending and descending”. There Escher drew stairs that continue in an infinite loop. One can always keep walking up or down. Of course it is not constructively possible. You're being faked, it's an optical illusion, but still, in that drawing, rows of people walk up and down the stairs in an endless walk. No matter how long you search, you won't find where the "wrong" is. Deceptively simple, but in the meantime he unleashed a world revolution in art. M.C. Escher drew things that are simply not possible.

The Frisian who conquered the world

The artist always signed his works with MCE. Maurits Cornelis Escher was born on June 17, 1898 in Leeuwarden. He lived to be almost 75 years old and made just as many famous lithographs, woodcuts and pen drawings. “Day and Night” by M.C. Escher is possibly the most famous. Against a black sky of the night, white birds fly, but on the other hand, black birds fly against the white sky of the day. In the middle, the shapes of wings and stretched necks flow into each other. It is enchantingly gradual, hypnotic. His works are scattered all over the world. In the Netherlands, the magical works can be admired at Schiphol Airport, for example, where "Metamorphosis III" hangs.

The magic of the infinite

If you have an Escher hanging on the wall, you can be sure that everyone will recognize the style. You keep looking at a magical work of art by this artist endlessly. There is an awful lot to see. The geometric patterns fit perfectly in modern interiors. The same goes for the colors, the works are 99% black and white. Will there be an M.C. Escher in your house? Take a look in the classic modern art prints category and add it to your shopping cart now.