Copper Photo Frames

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Copper photo frames modern or vintage?

Nowadays, an interior with vintage elements is very popular among both young and old. Vintage furniture and accessories make a house extra cozy and above all give it a lot of atmosphere. A copper photo frame is an example of accessories with a vintage atmosphere.

Do you have a modern interior? Then a copper photo frame provides extra warmth. It really creates atmosphere in your home. In addition, these color photo frames give an extra personal touch.

This combination shows your visitors that you have a good sense of taste and can combine modern with old goods. You will undoubtedly receive many compliments about your copper photo frames!

Copper photo frame, beautiful with black and white photos

Are you a fan of black and white photos? Then a copper photo frame is perfect for you! The vintage atmosphere of this copper-colored photo frame makes your black and white photos stand out even better.

The combination of the copper photo frame with a black and white photo works especially well with photos that are a bit older. So do you have a beautiful photo of your grandparents? Or perhaps your great-grandparent? Then a copper photo frame is highly recommended!

But recent photos printed in black and white are of course also very suitable for this color photo frame. So do you have a black and white photo of the children, parents, brothers, sisters or friends? Then we can really recommend a copper photo frame. Whatever black and white photo you use, it will look beautiful in a copper photo frame.

Copper photo frames for every taste

Thin and wide edges, large and small sizes – all style tastes are included in our wide range. If you simply don't like to choose, you can just as well hang several different types of frames together in a playful way.

When making a wall collage, you should always take the spacing of the frames into account. This ensures structure and tranquility. The frames from are suitable for horizontal or vertical use, so you can feel free to alternate the positions and locations of the frames.

We make our photo frames from sustainable materials, including wood, plastic and aluminum. The front glass is made of unbreakable, lightweight acrylic glass, for a long lasting life of the frames.

The photo frames are easy to hang thanks to the metal buckles on the back of the frame. Also here are the metal clamps to change the contents of the frame. It is entirely up to you whether you want to use a matching passe-partout.

A passe-partout often rounds off the look nicely. Find out more about the possibilities of a matching passe-partout for your individual copper photo frames from

The color copper: gentle and feminine

The feminine style is of course a matter of taste. Feminine colors such as light and old pink are very nice to use in the rest of the interior to create a balanced image.

For furniture or decoration is a nice idea, but a carpet or wallpaper in this style also looks beautiful in the living room. Moreover, it also looks great if you want to frame feathers and flowers or combine other nice objects.

If you own copper objects, it is also an idea to place these objects near the frame. This way you create a whole and you also create more dynamics in the living room. The color copper or rosé reflects a luxurious appearance with a light feminine touch.