Wall Mural Dumbo

Fly with Dumbo!

Fly with Dumbo to a magical place with this high quality wall mural. Thanks to the soft colors of the photo wallpaper Dumbo, it is very suitable for the wall in the children's room.

Thanks to the imaginative figures and soft colors, your child will relax! Complete the nursery by choosing another photo wallpaper from the range of Yourdecoration.com. Our wall mural Winnie the Pooh or another Disney wall mural fits perfectly with the wall mural Dumbo.

Dumbo also appears on photo wallpaper in combination with other Disney characters such as Simba, Bambi and Thumper. This way you can easily create an atmospheric, magical room!

Dumbo, the flying elephant

The baby elephant Jumbo Junior grows up in the circus. When it is discovered that the elephant has gigantic ears, he is ridiculed. He even gets a different name because of this: Dumbo. Not only do people abhor Dumbo, the other elephants also reject him because he is different.

Dumbo's mother is locked up by the circus director when she tries to protect Dumbo from a group of boys. He thinks she has gone mad. Little Dumbo is left all alone. Because Dumbo has other talents, with a little help from his mouse friend Timmie, he eventually becomes the star of the show at the circus.

Choose from different designs

The photo wallpaper Disney Dumbo is available in different sizes and patterns. For example, you can choose from a pattern that repeats itself or a large, continuous image.

The photo wallpaper consists of different parts, but the design flows nicely into each other when you have applied it to the wall.