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Photo frames 60x60cm

Beautiful photos deserve to be framed in fun photo frames. With these photo frames 60x60cm from you let your most beautiful photos come to life. Its size makes you feel like you're back in the moment.

Fortunately we still have the pictures! Give these precious memories a nice place in your home to cherish them. Perhaps in the living room, bedroom or home office, simply the place where you feel at home! In addition to the 60x60 cm sizes, the 70x70 cm photo frames and the 61x91.5 cm photo frames are also widely sold.

Extensive range of photo frames has a wide range of 60x60 cm photo frames. Framing your most beautiful and beloved images has never been so easy. Due to the different colors and materials, there is a suitable and stylish photo frame for every interior.

The webshop includes cheap and expensive variants so that everyone can find something suitable. Choose from picture frames with a decorated frame or neutral frames with a calm edge. From a photo frame black matt to a photo frame sand swept and from photo frames aluminum, and wooden to plastic and MDF photo frames. We have the offer, the choice is yours.

Which list is your favorite? Whichever photo frame you choose, or wherever you hang it, with our wide range you can create atmosphere in every room! The large square format allows each motif to tell its own story. By hanging several frames next to each other, you can portray an extraordinary photo series or compose a special photo collage. Choose from different colors for the picture frames to create a playful effect, perhaps even from various materials. Guaranteed to be a unique eye-catcher for your home!

Excellent quality photo frame at a competitive price

Our picture frames are made especially for you in our own Dutch frame maker, which means that our photo frames have an excellent quality at a competitive price. You can use these photo frames both horizontally and vertically and are easy to assemble. The premium acrylic glass can withstand knocks and lasts for a long time.

This way you can enjoy your favorite moments and memories in that beautiful spot in the house for years to come. In addition, our exchangeable frames are available from stock so that you never have to wait long for an order to be delivered to your home. To ensure that the order arrives intact, we pack our products in sturdy cardboard packaging. This prevents your order from being damaged, dirty or delivered defective.

Tip: to give your photo an extra look, you can also purchase a passe-partout in addition to purchasing your 60x60cm square photo frame. A square format passe-partout puts the motif in the center and immediately attracts attention upon entering. Due to the wide range in colors and sizes, has the suitable passe-partout for every photo frame! The frame size and photo size can be found for each passe-partout. Do not wait any longer and take a quick look at the wide range of the webshop.

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