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Photo frames Material; MDF, wood, Aluminum or Plastic in different colors

Photo frames in various materials are available in the webshop in different types and colors. Whichever variant you choose, it can greatly improve the style of the interior. For example, hang three frames by the dining table, place the picture frames on the ledge above the sofa or place the frames on the bedroom wall to maintain the artistic style.

Don't have a poster to use for the photo frame? Then view the poster collection of and easily complete the order. You can order photo frames in various colors and materials, including MDF, wood, aluminum and plastic.

Hang the photo frame on the wall

Have you always dreamed of a wall in your home full of creativity, composed of photo frames of different colors and / or materials? Then you have come to the right place at

The sizes of the frames can be combined very well with other sizes from the collection. Create a creative wall, for example, place the frame on the windowsill or hang it in the hallway.

High-quality finishes ensure a long life

Whichever frame from the collection you choose, you can always be sure of a very high-quality finish. Each photo frame therefore has a long lifespan and is therefore an eternal purchase for your interior. Found the right list? Then take a look at the poster collection and complete the order in just a few clicks.