Passe Partouts 45x45 cm

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Passe-partouts 45x45 cm provide extra protection

By ordering passe-partouts 45x45cm for your photo frames, you better protect the framed work. This is because your diplomas, posters or works of art are more resistant to dust, light and moisture. You also prevent the image from coming into contact with the glass front of the frame. You can choose from various colors for a passe-partout with a size of 45x45 cm. Which color of do you prefer?

A 45x45cm passe-partout increases the value of the framed image

Did you know that a passe-partout can contribute to increasing the value of the framed image? A passe-partout ensures that the photo frame looks more beautiful and luxurious. Traditionally, a passe-partout was made of canvas, wood or fabric, but nowadays it is produced from cardboard. In addition, a passe-partout also ensures that the image is optically enlarged and attention is immediately drawn to the image. Looking for passe-partouts 45x45 cm? Then is the right place for you.

A better exposure through a photo frame with a passe-partout

In addition to the above advantages, a passe-partout also provides better lighting. Where some photo frames cast a shadow on the edges, a passe-partout ensures that the image comes into its own. Due to the high-quality cardboard, the passe-partout can be used for a long time without the quality deteriorating.