Poster Frames 61x91,5 cm

With a poster frame 61x91.5 cm, your room will get more atmosphere

Do you have a beautiful poster measuring 61x91.5 cm and would you like to display it in a beautiful way? Then a poster frame measuring 61x91.5 cm is perfect for you! With one of our poster frames you can be sure that you have the right frame.

We have two different types of poster frames. You can choose from an MDF or a plastic photo frame. They are also available in three different colours. You can choose from a silver, white or black poster frame. This way there is always a frame in a color that suits you. 

Many more sizes

A poster frame with a size of 61x91.5 cm is one of the most common, but this does not always have to be the case. We have poster frames in various sizes. How about the size 40x50cm, for example? This is also a very accessible size for any interior.

Do you want a photo frame with a different size that you can't find anywhere? Then of course we have something for that too! You can customize your own photo frame with us. Here you can choose from different types of frames, colors and you have the option to also go for a passe-partout.