Planets Posters

Bring the space into your home with our posters

Our solar system has eight different planets, with dwarf planet Pluto as the ninth outsider, all of which orbit our sun. Perhaps we are not telling you anything new with this and you are already a real planet expert. Or does your planet knowledge reach a little less far, but are you a fan? With the Planeten Posters from you bring space into your home and give every desired room a unique view of the universe.

Poster hangers for your poster

Have you chosen one of our beautiful posters? Then we understand that you also want to be able to display these as beautifully as possible. That is why we offer you various suspension systems on our website. For example, opt for the subtle-looking poster strips or turn your poster into a true work of art by hanging it in one of the photo frames from With this you not only do your poster justice, but you also ensure the preservation of the poster. Of course, all our suspension systems are available in different styles and sizes.

Become one with the universe

Do you find our Planets Posters too subtle an accent in your interior and would you rather become completely one with the universe? Then maybe the Planets wall murals is a good choice for you. With this you can transform any desired space into a lifelike planet experience. The Planets Photo Wallpaper is available in different sizes and images, so there is a suitable wall mural for every wall and preference.