Wassily Kandinsky Art Print

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With the beautiful works of Kandinsky you transform a room

Kandinsky's special works are certainly a record for your home. Kandinsky was a Russian-French painter. His works belong to expressionism, although it can also be counted as symbolism. Kandinsky was one of the founders of the artist group the Phalanx. It didn't stop there either, he founded the Blaue Reiter artists' group together with Franz Marc. Over the years, Kandinsky really developed his art style. Kandinsky was mainly inspired by music. He argued that color and sound have psychological effects on the human soul.

Go for a beautiful art reproduction

Do you love color and do you really want an eye-catcher in your room? Then Kandinsky's works are definitely for you. The bright use of color and the special shapes make the work a real eye-catcher. Kandinsky's works will certainly stand out in your home. It can really make your room just that little bit more atmospheric. Kandinsky's works must of course suit you. If this is not the case. Then we have many more art reproductions that will certainly hang beautifully in your home.

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