Passe Partouts 20x25 cm

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Provide a tightly framed image and choose Passe-Partouts 20x25 cm

Perhaps you have a poster, artwork or a photo that does not meet a standard size. It can be a beautiful wedding photo, your children or grandchildren have made a special birthday card or drawing. For example, you can also have a special work of art in your home. These are just a few examples of images that deserve some extra attention. To do full justice to these images, it would do you good to order one of the passe-partouts from the range. With a passe-partout 20x25cm you provide a nice frame and a poster, artwork or a photo cannot slide in the photo frame.

Choose from a 20x25 cm cardboard passe-partout in various colours

Every passe-partout in the collection is made of sturdy cardboard. This special material ensures that a poster, artwork or photo is not affected in the frame and your image cannot come into contact with the glass. This prevents possible damage to the frame. You can order a passe-partout in a neutral white or black color, but you can also go for a contemporary and striking color.

Not yet in possession of an image? View our collection of posters 

It is of course possible that you already have the photo frame for the Passe-Partouts 20x25 cm at home, but you do not yet have a beautiful image. In that case, take a look at the collection of posters from Thanks to the wide range of dozens of themes, you can be sure that there is more than enough choice for every room in the house.