Passe Partouts 35x50 cm

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Passe-partouts 35x50 cm can be ordered in various colors at

A passe-partout used to be mainly produced in white and used in museums. However, today there are many more options when it comes to color. At, for example, you can choose from passe-partouts 35x50 cm in various colours. Colors such as off-white, black and white are of course part of the range, but you can also opt for passe-partouts in striking colours. These colors are mainly used to better emphasize a certain shade of the artwork. You can easily view the colors from the current collection online.

A passe-partout 35x50cm lends itself well to an exclusive work of art, a poster or photo

Do you have an exclusive work of art, a poster or photo that deserves a special place in your interior? Immediately take the quality to a higher level and choose your 35x50cm photo frame with a custom 35x50cm passe-partout. It is therefore not surprising that the current collection consists of dozens of formats. A passe-partout ensures that the artwork, poster or photo can never come into contact with the glass and you provide more "breathing" space.

A professional cutting method is used for all passe-partouts

A passe-partouts is not just a sheet of cardboard with a hole in it. A professional cutting method is used for every 35x50 cm passe-partout. This innovative cutting method allows you to see the slanted edges in the white of the cardboard, creating a beautiful contrast with the image you have framed.