Poster Hangers 80 cm

Hang up your favorite picture

You would prefer to hang your favorite photo that you took yourself on the wall in your own living room. You'll love that one shot from your last holiday on Madeira. Have it enlarged and hang it up with the special 80 cm poster hangers. So that you can enjoy it every day. It's great to be able to bring back those nice memories again and again! With 80 cm poster hangers it is easy to hang pictures. It just happened and your room has completely changed. There is a completely different atmosphere.

Suspension systems

There are various hanging systems for attaching large-format photos or photo wallpaper to the wall. With poster hangers you can also easily remove them from the wall. This is useful when you want to hang another photo or poster. A photo that you have also taken yourself or a poster from one of our collections! The photos are easy to change and so you regularly have a different view.

80cm poster strips

The poster strips or hanging systems for photos and posters are suitable for different sizes of posters. They vary in length from 30cm to 100cm and are available in different colors like transparent, black and white. 

Simply and quickly hang your own favorite photo in a large format. Or that beautiful nature poster of perfect quality and enjoy it! Bring the right atmosphere to your home or office. Use those simple poster strips to give a room a completely different look. Bring nature into your room or bring the showroom to your office.