Lord of the Rings Posters

Imagine yourself in Middle Earth with these Lord of the Rings posters

When J.R.R. Tolkien began writing his famous fantasy trilogy in 1937, he probably had no idea how successful and popular it would become. Certainly after director Peter Jackson signed for the film adaptation, there was hardly a person left on earth who had not heard of The Lord of the Rings.

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The Fellowship of the Ring

The story revolves around the hobbit Frodo Ballings who comes into possession of a gold ring. It is not just any ring, but a magical ring that carries great power within it. The ring was forged by Sauron, better known as the representative of all evil in Middle-earth. Sauron can only be defeated if the ring is destroyed.

The ring must therefore be destroyed in Mount Doom, in order to wipe out all evil in Middle-earth. Frodo and his friends embark on a perilous journey to complete this difficult mission.

Enjoy this exciting story with these beautiful posters

With these beautiful Lord of the Rings posters you can transform your living room or bedroom into Middle-earth in an instant. As a true The Rings fan, this cannot be missed in your room. They are true eye-catchers that take you to another world. And if you add another photo wallpaper of a forest, you have a wonderful room to dream away in. Close the curtains, add a cup of tea, a blanket, and you are ready to dive into your book or watch the movies again.