Photo Frames 40x50 cm

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Photo frames with the size 40x50

Your precious memories deserve a beautiful place in your home. Picture frames with the dimensions 40x50 cm are very suitable for this. A 40x50 cm photo frame is perfect for both large and small homes. Do you have a small house? Then fill that one empty spot with this beautiful format photo frame.

Combine the color of the frame with a nice color of your interior and apply it consistently. By using multiple colorful accents, the effect of your interior is enhanced. Do you have a big wall? Then make a collage of several photo frames of various sizes and maybe even different colors! Inspiration about various hanging techniques can be found on our website.

A photo frame in the format 40x50 cm is not too big, but also not too small. So do you have a photo that can really be the centerpiece of the house? Then have this photo printed on a 40x50 cm format and frame it in a 40x50 cm photo frame! For example, think of a photo of your family, pet or a special holiday moment.

Photo frames in different colors

Photo frames are available in different colors. Think for example of black photo frame 40x50cm, white or gold photo frames. But did you know that photo frames are also available in different materials? Think, for example, of plastic, wood, MDF, or aluminum.

Due to both these various colors and materials, there is always a photo frame that fits your interior! Do you have light walls? Then choose a black photo frame, so that the photo really stands out! Would you rather have the photos come out a little more subtly in your interior? Then choose a natural shade, or materials such as wood or aluminum.

Can be used both portrait and landscape

The great thing about this format photo frame is that you can use these photo frames for both portrait and landscape photos. Are you planning to hang several photos together on the wall? Then it gives a playful effect to hang both portrait and landscape photo frames together. This way you keep your interior playful and interesting!

Photos come to life on your wall with the 40x50 cm photo frames, but have you ever thought about placing a photo frame on the floor and leaning it against a wall? This gives an extra playful effect and is a beautiful eye-catcher when entering the room.

Looking for the perfect picture?

Don't you have any inspiration yet on what to place in a 40x50 cm photo frame? Then take a look at the wide range of posters on the website. Perhaps there is something beautiful that suits your taste and looks nice in your living, sleeping or dining room.

Photo frames with the size 40x50 cm are suitable for any picture, poster or illustration in the same size. You can also frame smaller images when you use a matching passe-partout. Our passe-partout is available in many sizes and colors, so it is equally possible to combine and alternate.

View our wide range on the website and order. If you have any specific questions about our 40x50 cm photo frames or one of our other products, please contact us. This can be done by e-mail or by calling our customer service.