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Extensive range of passe-partouts

The correct name is passe-partout, but it is also often called a paspartoe or pas partour, but what exactly is a passe-partout? A passe-partout is a border for your photo frame. Usually it is made of cardboard, which allows you to fill the empty space between the photo and the frame. As a result, the photo fits perfectly in the frame, and you immediately protect the photo. At you will find cheap passe-partouts in various sizes, shapes and colors. This way you will always find the passe-partout that fits in your photo frame.

Want to use our passe-partouts?

Do you have a beautiful poster or photo that you want to frame, but does it not fit in a photo frame because of the different size of your photo? Or are you looking for an extra detail that makes the photo stand out even better in your frame? Passe-partouts are the solution for this. A passe-partout is a cardboard border for the photo frame. This allows you to hide part of a photo if you only want to present a part of the photo.

In addition, the use of a passe-partout can ensure that your frame and photo are not damaged, because the photo or artwork cannot press directly against the glass of the frame. If you want to present a combination of several works of art or photos behind one glass, you can combine several passe-partouts in a frame yourself, so that different surfaces are created in the frame. A passe-partout is easy to place in the photo frame, and is therefore easy to replace if you want to try a different color.

Different colors to match your photo

At you will find different colors of passe-partouts. We recommend that you check in advance which photo you want to hang or put in which frame. By looking in this way which color looks best with the frame and photo, you will get the best result. The first step is therefore to find the right photo frame. Our photo frames are available in different materials, such as wood, aluminum and plastic. Then you see which passe-partout is best with your chosen frame and photo. Most often chosen is a white or black passe-partout. Neutral colors like these provide a calm whole without drawing too much attention. But have you ever thought about a yellow, beige, mint green or red passe-partout? This can give the photo and the frame extra contrast. Very nice to choose this if these colors also come back in your interior! This way your passe-partout will form a beautiful whole with your photo, artwork or portrait.

Various sizes and shapes

Passe-partouts come in various shapes and sizes. A passe partout has a frame size and a photo size. The frame size indicates for which photo frame the passe partout is suitable. The photo size is the exact size of the photo, poster or artwork that the passe partout will fit around.

With us you will find square and rectangular passe-partouts in different sizes under the categories:

  • Small: 18x24cm up to and including A3 format
  • Medium: 30x30cm to 40x60cm
  • Medium: 40x70cm to 56x71cm
  • Large: from A1 format up to and including 75x100cm

Width of the passe partout

After looking at the size of your picture frame to determine the size of your mat, it's important to choose the right thickness for the cardboard border. A border that is too thin will still leave an empty border around the photo, but a border that is too wide will cut out part of the photo. With a small frame you can easily choose a slightly narrower passe-partout, but with the larger frames it is better if the passe-partout is a bit wider. Of course you want your precious photos to be presented at their best, so choose the right size on our site! You can buy passe-partouts from us with edges of thicknesses ranging from 3 to 6 centimetres. So you can order a matching passe-partout for every photo or photo frame on our site! There is no minimum purchase with us and you can also choose to put together different photo frames with different types of passe-partouts.

The most beautiful matching photo frames and posters

A beautiful passe-partout in a striking or relaxing color ensures that your living room, bedroom or office looks extra stylish. Of course it is important that you also have a beautiful work of art, photo or poster to present in your room together with our passe-partout. It is of course wonderful if you frame your own photos of holidays, family or friends, but feel free to also take a look at our wide range of posters! Here you can order beautiful posters with themes such as Comics, Films, Nature or Animals. This creates a completely different atmosphere. For example, do you have a nice room in the house where a lot of TV is watched or games are played? Then choose a beautiful poster in this atmosphere. This way you can make a room even more fun. Are you also looking for a modern or striking photo frame that will make your photo shine even more? Then take a look at our wide range of photo frames. We have photo frames in all colors and sizes, so you can undoubtedly make a beautiful combination with our passe-partouts. All our frames are suitable for hanging on walls or doors or for placing on a table or cupboard.