Wall Mural 500x280cm

The perfect photo wallpaper 500x280cm for every room

Wall murals are one of the most popular types of wallpaper, because it offers the possibility to realize individual design wishes in every room, so that the atmosphere can be perfectly created in an uncomplicated way.

Nevertheless, it is advisable to always take the overall effect of the room into account when choosing the right type of wallpaper and images, because the size of the room is also decisive here. For very large and high rooms, it is worth using large format motifs to emphasize individual areas of the room.

For small rooms it is best to choose small images, which can then be used, for example, behind the sitting area in the living room or at the dining area in the dining room, but also in the study, in the bedroom, in the music room and the bathroom. types of photo wallpaper 500x280cm set beautiful accents or become a real eye-catcher

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In principle, this means that the right photo wallpaper can be found for every room and for every living requirement, whereby a conscious choice of motifs is also recommended here.

If you want to create a relaxing space for reading and relaxing, you can create the right atmosphere to relax with the forest or sea wall murals. On the other hand, a beautiful beach motif or tropical island motif is recommended for a bathroom.

The living room can be decorated with a large format photo wallpaper of vineyards or a tavern. This can be framed with a stone-look wall mural to create a transition to the rest of the room.