Passe Partouts 35x45 cm

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Passe-partouts 35x45 cm illuminate the artwork better

Did you know that a passe-partout can make a major contribution to the lighting of the work of art? Some photo frames cause an unattractive shadow to fall on the image. A passe-partout removes this shadow and ensures that your work of art is shown as clearly as possible. All passe-partouts 35x45cm from are made of special cardboard, so that the work cannot be affected and still looks just as good after prolonged use.

Extra protection thanks to a professional passe-partout 35x45cm

By choosing a high-quality passe-partout, you are assured of extra protection for your artwork or photo. The image is more resistant to influences such as moisture, dust and light. You are also sure that contact with the glass of the photo frame can be prevented. You can order one of the passe-partouts 35x45 cm in various colors, so that there is also sufficient choice for the atmosphere of your home. Combine your passe-partout with a 35x50cm photo frame. Here you will certainly find a frame color that matches the passe-partout and your interior!

Increase the value of the artwork with a professional passe-partout

A 35x45 cm passe-partout with a beautiful photo frame immediately ensures that the appearance of a work of art is increased. The frame looks many times more elegant and luxurious. A passe-partout used to be made of materials such as fabric, canvas and wood and is now made of special cardboard. Your artwork is optically enlarged with a passe-partout, so that you can be sure that the full attention is on the image itself.