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Read here about still life art available at Still life art is popular scenes to copy, after all, who doesn't know a painting of a fruit bowl where the light comes from the side? The picture often fills the screen because the fruit bowl is placed on a velvet curtain. The shine on the fruit and the folds in the curtain makes it a beautiful whole.

Still life art are always rustic

Because such scenes are common, still life art seem to be the ultimate exercise. You might also think, am I now looking at the result of the last painting lesson? That everyone who wants to learn to paint finishes the course by making a still life, and only then it becomes clear whether it is someone with talent or not? That is why you take all the time to view the still life so that you can completely relax. It is the power of still life art, it calms the most agitated brain. Psychologically, a still life does a lot to the brain, so it never runs out of time.

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Many items are available at that have a beneficial psychological effect. As an example photo wallpaper of a river. It seems to be the counterpart of a still life because it is a so-called frozen movement, but it certainly brings peace. It is nice to look around for a while on the website of, because there is something available for every conceivable space that makes a room complete. The range is simply wide and deep. has works of art in its range, it is to everyone's style and taste. It is nice that there are decorations for sale in different versions, as an example you can choose between posters and canvas.