Passe Partouts 30x42 cm

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The 30x42cm passe-partout as the ideal solution

Whether it is about adapting your photo to an existing photo frame or protecting your photos under the glass of your photo frame, the passe-partout is the ideal solution! The exact definition of a passe-partout is as follows: it is a thick sheet of cardboard, placed between the photo and the glass, and provided with a cut-out through which the exhibited photo can be seen. The primary function of the passe-partouts 30x42 cm is to protect your beautiful photos against direct contact with the glass.

The passe-partout 30x42 cm is an indispensable part of any photo frame

Make sure the solution isn't worse than the disease: if you're exhibiting a precious photograph, make sure your passe-partout is made of acid-free cardboard, otherwise the parts that come into contact with it will yellow! In our online shop,, we only sell acid-free passe-partouts 30x42 cm that provide complete protection for your photos. All other formats also meet the quality requirements that you expect from a good passe-partout. A precaution that of course also applies to the tape and adhesives used to attach your photo.

Sticking your print on the back of the passe-partout

Finally, one last piece of advice if you're assembling your passe-partout yourself: it's not necessary to leave large margins around your image to stick it to the back of the cardboard. On the contrary: the further your photo falls outside the window, the more likely you are to see it shrink. More paper means more material that can withstand the effects of humidity... Keep a margin of five millimeters to two centimeters on each side, depending on the size of your photo and passe-partout, this will be more than enough