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Timeless gold photo frames from

Are you looking for a nice photo frame as a gift for a friend or family member? Or do you want to make your own photos look better in your interior or office? A gold photo frame is timeless and perfect for photos, posters and art prints to look beautiful. A golden photo frame may possibly remind you of a royal castle or palace.

The color gold can also be found in the Baroque style and reflects a majestic atmosphere. Gold immediately attracts attention upon arrival. Therefore, turn your photos or poster into a real eye-catcher in your room with a beautiful photo frame from our gold photo frames collection.

Gold photo frames are often seen as kitschy, but the opposite is true. Especially if you want to make your interior trendy, chic and modern, a gold photo frame is indispensable. A gold photo frame adds a touch of elegance and style to any room. Whether you have a classic interior or a modern design, a gold-colored photo frame fits perfectly with any style. It gives a feeling of luxury and refinement, giving your home or office an immediate upgrade.

With a gold photo frame you can present your favorite photos, works of art or memorabilia in a beautiful way. The shiny gold attracts attention and makes the contents of the frame stand out. Whether it is a family photo, a work of art or a certificate, a gold photo frame gives it an extra dimension.

Gold photo frames are back again

Gold photo frames are very popular nowadays. Nowadays you see the color gold in many residential programs. A gold photo frame only makes your photo even more beautiful, that's exactly what your beautiful photos deserve, right?

Gold photo frames are also a great choice for framing the photos of special occasions, such as weddings, anniversaries or graduations. It adds a touch of glamor to the photos and makes them even more special. It is a wonderful gift idea for loved ones, friends or family members who have something to celebrate.

Moreover, a gold photo frame is also a versatile decoration item. You can use it to create a collage of photos, combining different sizes and shapes for a unique and personal look. You can also use the photo frame to present other decorative items, such as dried flowers, small works of art or inspiring quotes.

A gold photo frame gives your interior luxury or makes your office more lively. It adds a touch of elegance and style to any room and turns your favorite photos into real eye-catchers. So what are you waiting for? Start looking for the perfect gold photo frame.

Gold photo frames can be used anywhere: on a photo shelf in your living room, on a table in the hallway or even on the floor in a corner of the room. In our extensive range of photo frames you will also find gold photo frames that give your interior an extra dimension!

Your gold photo frame in different sizes

When looking for a beautiful gold photo frame, it is important to find a beautiful model. The size is also an essential factor. is a specialist in photo frames and offers gold photo frames in different sizes.

Our gold photo frames are available in 55 standard sizes: from small gold photo frames of 25x35cm to larger gold photo frames of 50x50cm, 40x80cm and 75x100cm. You can also have your photo frame custom made. You can enter any desired size up to a maximum size of 80x100 cm. This way you will undoubtedly find the best solution for your space based on the available space, your expectations in terms of look & feel, and so on.

For example, for photos with one person, a smaller model is useful. Are you in the photo with a partner, friend or family member? Then choose one of the larger gold photo frames. The result is that you make your photo or poster even more beautiful and that of course creates an extra cozy interior!

A gold-colored photo frame is a unique design for your home or office

The color gold is certainly a matter of taste, not everyone likes it or is used to having it around. Do you dare to break this habit and be surprised how beautiful this style can turn out? Gold works wonders, especially in a quieter interior in combination with light pastel colors. Beautiful accents are set in combination with elegance. The luxurious feeling is stimulated by the shiny accents, gold is chic and a style that fits in almost any interior.

There are plenty of gold photo frames on our site, you will find many different design options. We always have the perfect fit for your images and posters. Within our range of gold photo frames we have various sizes and designs so that there is something beautiful for every taste. Small photo frames with different designs and borders, from subtle to striking, are all possible.

Most of our gold photo frames are made of aluminum, a light material that lasts a long time. We mainly use anti-reflex plastic glass as the front of the gold photo frame, because it breaks less quickly. However, whichever model you choose, you are always assured of good quality and durability. This not only ensures that you get value for your money, but you can also enjoy your new gold photo frame for a long time.

Photo frame gold: Think out of the box

Anyone can frame paper, but have you ever thought about framing dried flowers or your child's first romper in a gold photo frame? It looks beautiful in your home and is a unique way to preserve memories. There are even more nice things to frame, perhaps in one of the beautiful gold photo frames from

In addition, it is fun and enjoyable to be creative with the family. Think together about what you can frame in a gold photo frame and look for inspiration. For example, create a photo wall of your best holiday. Your children feel involved and enjoy creating beautiful things together.

Do you need inspiration, specific questions or special wishes about your gold photo frame? Don't be afraid to reach out to our expert customer service. We are of course happy to help you in your search for the ideal gold photo frame for your memories.