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With a world map wall mural every travel lover feels at home

Perhaps you travel a lot for work, you make a long trip of at least three weeks every year or you regularly spend a weekend or a midweek on holiday in Europe. Whatever your situation, you are in love with traveling and can never get enough of it.

Have you ever thought of a world map wall mural for your interior? On this page you can choose from different widths and heights, so that there are plenty of options for every wall in the house.

Choose from a wall mural from different brands

The choice of prints within our range is very varied so that there is something for every taste. In our range you will find wall murals from different brands, for the widest possible choice.

Due to the high quality, the strong wallpaper can take a beating. The wallpaper is easy to apply to the wall, the prints are sharp and flow seamlessly into each other.

For a cozy atmosphere in the living room or office space, you can opt for a photo wallpaper with a country or world map, but such a wallpaper also comes into its own on the wall behind the bed. Experience every night in your dreams traveling to all kinds of beautiful destinations and enjoy an optimal night's sleep. Or apply the wallpaper in the study, so that it increases motivation while learning or working.

Even in the nursery, a wall mural with a world map is a good option. It is a learning experience for small children. Together with your child you can learn and practice a lot about the different countries, languages ​​and animals. Our educational posters are therefore also available in various sizes so that they fit perfectly on the wall of the children's room.

The right motif for every interior

The great thing about the different types of wall murals in our webshop is that it matches any interior. Whether you're a fan of earthy tones, modern graffiti or vintage motifs, we offer a suitable print for everyone.

You can also go in all directions with us in terms of shape, because our world maps are also available as a round variant. This offers an extra playful effect! Are you ready for the ultimate makeover? You may be wondering at this point how you can present this photo wallpaper on your wall. Are you looking for a soothing black and white motif or for a more colorful wallpaper? View the wide range! With a world map on the wall, you can create a cozy atmosphere at home in no time.

Mark where you've been on the world map

A large world map all over the wall makes an impression every time you walk into the room. You can dream away for a while about that one beautiful trip you have made, or a trip that you will make this year or next year. With small skewers you can indicate where you have been and make the photo wallpaper more and more personal every year. Hang special holiday photos next to it so that you can always dream away with this beautiful experience.

The rest of the space is of course also suitable for providing matching decorations. Perhaps an old vintage brown leather suitcase or copper binoculars. Maybe even flags of different countries and the souvenirs you brought from your travels. These also deserve a special place in your home! Be inspired by the many possibilities Yourdecoration.com offers.