Death Note Posters

A mysterious room with posters of Death Note

High quality Death Note posters from the popular anime and manga series of the same name. The dimensions of this poster are 61x91.5cm. The image is illustrated by the Japanese Takeshi Obata. Complete the room in question by combining the Death Note posters with other anime and manga posters such as Attack on Titan posters. Matching photo frames are also available on This makes a poster a real eye-catcher on the wall!

The Story of Death Note

The story begins when the young student Light Yagami is bored looking out the window one day during one of his classes. To his great surprise, a suspicious notebook suddenly falls from the sky in the schoolyard. Later he finds out that it is not just any notebook, but a Death Note. This Death Note has dropped a Shinigami named Ryuk from the Shinigami Realm. The Death Note would be able to kill people by simply writing down the person's name and seeing the face in front of you.

Curious as he is, Light Yagami tests it out on a criminal and... it works! He finds out that all the names of people he writes down in this book are destroyed by an event that is described therein. If he does not write down a description within 6 minutes and 40 seconds, the person in question will die of a heart attack. Over time, Light Yagami comes into contact with the police and with the mysterious L - who he surely would like to know more about...