Poster Hangers White

White poster hangers for all your posters

Do you want to hang your poster without damaging the poster? Then a poster hanger is the ideal solution. The poster strips are available in various colours, namely white, black and transparent. Choose white poster strips if, for example, you want to hang a poster with a white background or if you want to hang the poster on a white wall. The poster hangerwill then hardly stand out. You can also hang a large photo, drawing or other print using a poster strip. For the bottom and top The white poster strips consist of 2 parts. The first part is for the bottom of the poster. This strip ensures that the poster hangs straight and tight. In addition, you have a strip for the top. You also attach the top to the wall using a wire. The strips are all 13 millimeters wide and 9 millimeters thick. The strips can be hung in any desired location. Thanks to the white poster hangers, you can easily hang up your posters from now on. Do you want to hang another poster in the poster hanger later? You can do that in just a few seconds.

Poster hangers white in various variants and sizes

You can opt for a white poster hangers with a hanging eye or hanging hole. An eyelet poster strip has a small eyelet at the top of the top strip. A hanging hole strip, as the name suggests, has a hole on the back of the top strip. The strips are available in 11 different sizes. Our range includes the standard poster sizes 40cm, 50cm, 61cm and 92 cm. In addition to poster hangers, are you also looking for wall murals for the bedroom or wall murals especially for children? With wall murals you can make the room attractive and unique in an instant.