Passe Partouts 29,7x42 cm A3

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Passe-partouts 29,7x42 cm A3 to frame a large photo

When you want to protect a poster or a very large photo, the questions about framing arise. One of the questions is, do I use an A3 passe-partout 29,7x42 cm and in what color. The choice of the A3 photo frame 29,7x42 cm will be quite simple: choose a fairly thin frame to emphasize the image of your poster. These types of photo frames are easy to find in our online shop

Choosing the right A3 29,7x42 cm passe-partout

The advantage of choosing the right photo frame and using a passe-partout is that it creates space around your image. This way your poster will breathe more and the attention will be better focused on it. In addition, with the help of passe-partouts 29,7x42 cm A3 you can protect your poster by creating a not negligible distance from the glass of your frame. This also prevents your poster from sticking to the glass of your photo frame in the long run.

Passe-partout cardboard A3 in many different colors

To make sure you don't make a mistake when choosing the color, it's best to go for simplicity. This will draw more attention to your poster. You can also go for a color that appears in the poster or photo or is very close to it.

As with our wooden, plastic or aluminum photo frames, we have passe-partouts in all sizes and colors. With the choice of your passe-partouts 29,7x42 cm A3, you can personally determine the staging of your image and bring your walls to life. Choose your new stiff wall decoration today and visit our online shop