Photo Frames 20x20 cm

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Order a photo frame 20x20 cm from us

A 20x20cm square photo frame is a very popular way to display your precious memories. The photo frames from ensure that images and photos come into their own. Besides the fact that your wall looks great with our photo frames, they also serve as protection for your images. Water and dust are just a few examples that can damage beautiful photos. Over time, the colors fade and your photos will be ruined.

To avoid this, photo frames can protect your photos. A modern photo frame 20x20 is extremely suitable for this. These photo frames are available in a variety of colors and materials. Including colorful types of wood, metal or plastic, but also neutral colors to fit into any kind of interior. Whether you are looking for frames for the bedroom, living room or children's room, you will always find a beautiful frame that suits your taste.

Your images with a matching passe-partout

A beautiful passe-partout creates a frame around your image, which draws even more attention to your photo. Just like our photo frames, the passe-partouts are also available in various colors and sizes. We deliver our products completely from stock, so you never have to wait long before an order is delivered to your home.

Take a quick look at the online shop of and give your wall a nice makeover.

Inspiration to hang your photo frames

There are several ways to give your precious family photos a special place in your home. Nowadays it is becoming more and more popular to put a family tree on the wall. For this you start with some lines, which you sketch on the wall with a pencil until a nice drawing of a tree is created. The border and the inner part of the tree can then be colored with paint or covered with tape. Then let everything dry thoroughly.

In the meantime, you can already fill the photo frames with family photos and any passe-partouts. The size 20x20 cm is in fact perfectly suited to use for a family tree. Your photos come into their own perfectly and do not take up too much space (of the wall). Start at the top with your grandparents and then go through the generations one by one. If necessary, keep some space at the bottom, for family expansion in the future.

Another original way is to use individual hands from an (old) clock to put your photos in the spotlight. You place the hands in the middle of the wall and around it you hang the different photo frames with your family snapshots. You can also vary with colors or play with different sizes. It just depends on your taste or what fits within your interior. View the many options in the webshop.