Passe Partouts 42x59,4 cm A2

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An A2 passe-partout for your photo, art reproduction or poster

If you want to have a portrait drawn on drawing paper, you are faced with the question of whether you want to frame the portrait drawing with an A2 passe-partout of 42x59.4 cm or whether you want to frame it freely in a photo frame. The same goes for a poster. It is important that the drawn portrait is protected in any case by framing, otherwise the artwork can be damaged by accidental contact. A passe-partout is a frame with a cardboard border, which is not only used in the visual arts, but also for pictures, photographs or technical drawings. It is used to draw the viewer's attention to the work, so that it gains intensity and expressiveness. In addition, a portrait drawing with a passe-partout usually looks neater and tidier. Another advantage of 42x59.4cm A2 passe-partout is that it protects against harmful substances.

The size of the portrait drawing or portrait photo

If you want to use a passe-partout for your drawn portrait, keep in mind that the passe-partout needs to take up a certain amount of space to achieve an effect. As a rule, we recommend 42x59.4 cm passe-partouts A2 with a custom photo frame. This format is more suitable for slightly larger rooms, because it will be quite dominant in an ordinary living room.

Colors of our passe-partouts

If you want to frame a portrait drawing of a large format, we can recommend white passe-partouts 42x59 4 cm A2. This color is relatively neutral and usually put any photo or drawing in a nice A2 photo frame. In addition, the color white is very unobtrusive and discreet in almost every living room, so there is not much wrong with this choice. In addition to the practical advantage of a large passe-partout, it also looks more valuable and noble if the photo or work of art is placed under a passe-partout.