Poster Hangers 100 cm

Easily hang your poster with 100cm poster hangers

Are you looking for a hanging system with which you can easily and quickly hang your poster(s)? Then go for our poster hangers. The big advantage of these poster hangers is that you do not damage the poster. Of course you can not only hang posters with our poster hanger. Photos, drawings or paintings are also suitable for these poster hangers.

A suitable poster hanger for every poster

The 100cm poster hangers are available in three colors, namely in black, white and transparent. Depending on the poster you want to hang, you can therefore choose the poster hanger that suits it. With a black poster, for example, it is nice to also choose a black poster hanger. Do you have a poster in multiple colors? Then a transparent poster hanger might be a good choice. Of course you can also choose a different size strip. Our range includes 30, 50, 75, 80 and 90 cm poster hangers.

Two different suspension systems

In addition to different colors and sizes, we also have two types of hanging systems that you can choose from. The first system is with a suspension eye. Here you have one strip without and one strip with a hanging eye. The first strip is attached to the bottom of the poster, the other strip is attached to the top. You can slide the poster into both strips in no time at all. Finally, with the help of the eye you can hang the poster in the desired place. The second system has a hanging hole on the back of the top strip. The hanging hole is therefore at the back of the strip, the hanging eye is at the top. The advantage of the bottom strip is that the poster hangs tight and straight against the wall.