Photo Frames 60x70 cm

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With a photo frame of 60x70cm you lift the atmosphere of your interior to a higher level

Today, a photo frame is available in many different sizes. Think of the 60x70cm photo frames from the collection. This generous size provides more than enough space for your valuable documents, art and photos. If there is empty space around the framed image, you can always choose to add a passe-partout from the range to the frame.

After all, many documents have a size smaller than 60x70 cm. Still looking for a different size frame, such as large photo frames. In that case, view the complete collection of photo frames from online. Also read our custom photo frames for more inspiration. You can easily order photo frames via the shop, enjoy fast delivery!

Where in the house do you place a 60x70cm photo frame?

A photo frame from can lift the atmosphere of your interior to a higher level in various places in the house. Thanks to the glass plate and the handy hanging system, the 60x70 cm photo frame hangs beautifully on a wall, but there are also other options.

For example, place the frame on the windowsill or opt for a wall shelf, where you can immediately place several frames. Whether you have a modern interior or a classic interior, thanks to the various types of profiles you can be sure that there is also enough choice for the style of your interior. Also take a look at our rural wooden photo frames, maybe there is the right frame for you.

Special memories in a special place in the house

Photo frames with a size of 60x70 cm offer you a lot of creativity. For example, choose to frame a beautiful photo collection or opt for a single work of art or a separate photo.

The frames can be ordered in various colors and the complete collection can be easily combined with each other. Also take a look at the collection of posters for an attractive result in your home.