Photo Frames 61x91,5 cm

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More personality, more atmosphere with the 61x91,5 cm photo frames

A decor that says something about your personality, how beautiful would that be? Your interior does not have to be completely styled for this, but this is of course allowed. Even the interiors that are less stylish it can still radiate personality. How do you wonder? By mounting or placing a poster in a photo frame 61x91,5cm.

Our 61x91,5 cm photo frames are the same size as our posters. so no cutting is required. You can open the photo frame and place your poster in it. Many posters create more atmosphere and let your personality speak. This photo frame can be used both horizontally and vertically. Whether you hang the whole house full, or hide one here and there. One thing you get for sure and that is a cozy atmosphere.

For example, think of beautiful portrait photos, photos of distant journeys and special destinations, memories, loved ones or just a moment that you wanted to capture. You can't think of it that crazy or you can take a picture of it. What does the perfect photo need? A perfect photo frame!

Our photo frames 61x91,5cm are extremely suitable for posters

For example, think of photo frames 61x91,5cm, a decent size. A format specially made for our posters. Posters that should stand out! A poster of the skyline of your favorite city, the beautiful beach or a poster of a beautiful landscape.

Our photo frame makes your posters stand out more! In addition to the 61x91,5 cm sizes, the 70x70 cm photo frames and the 60x60 cm photo frames are also widely sold.

Make someone happy with a photo frame!

With a photo frame you can always make someone happy, give it to yourself or someone else! Photo frames are a suitable gift for any occasion. Are you looking for a gift for an acquaintance you don't know very well? Give a photo frame without a photo as a gift, so he or she can put a photo in it himself.

Do you want to give a gift to a loved one? Frame a nice photo of a memory of you together, for example. Combine endlessly, for example with other photo frames or a nice poster.