Passe Partouts 25x25 cm

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Various colors 25x25cm passe-partouts for every style of interior

Did you know that a passe-partout 25x25 cm largely determines the atmosphere of the work of art? It is therefore certainly not wrong to view the available colors from the range of Passe-partouts 25x25 cm are a great solution for smaller works of art. If you would like the full focus to go to the artwork, then a passe-partout in white or black is a smart choice. If the work should stand out on the wall, choose one of the passe-partouts in a more pronounced and striking color.

Immediately give more body to a work by choosing a passe-partout 25x25cm

A passe-partout lends itself well to various types of work. Traditionally, you mainly saw a passe-partout with a work of art in a museum, but today more and more other images are framed with a passe-partout and a photo frame from our 25x25 cm photo frame collection. Think of a special diploma, a nice drawing of your (grand)child or a special poster. Whatever type of work it is, a passe-partout immediately gives more body to a work. The offer of consists of various formats, including high-quality passe-partouts 25x25 cm.

Every work of art becomes much calmer with a passe-partout

A small image can appear relatively busy on the wall. Think of intense use of color or a striking print on a relatively small surface. That is why a passe-partout is a wise choice, since you immediately ensure that every work of art becomes many times calmer.