Pine Photo Frames

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A calm and natural look with a pine photo frame

Have you ever considered ordering a pine photo frame via With this color frame you give your interior a calm and natural look. Because MDF wood is a timeless and neutral material, the frames are suitable for almost any interior.

You can choose from dozens of sizes, so the pine photo frames fit in any room in the house. Could your bedroom, living room, kitchen or hallway use some extra atmosphere? In that case, order stylish pine photo frames from today.

Choose from a wide range of pine photo frames in different sizes

As soon as you look at the range of pine photo frames, you will immediately notice that there is a versatile range. Decorate your interior, for example, with a frame of 30x60 cm, 25x35 cm, 21x29.7 cm or 25x30 cm. Frame your favorite photo or choose one of the posters from the collection.

Do you have a beautiful statue at home, but you cannot find the right size pine photo frame? Order your custom pine photo frames now. You can provide your desired dimensions and we will ensure that your photo frame is custom made.

Our pine photo frames are of high quality and are always made for you with care. This way you are guaranteed a photo frame that fits perfectly with your image and interior. Order your custom pine photo frame now and enjoy a beautiful presentation of your beloved photo.

Hang the pine photo frames on the wall or place them on a shelf on the wall

Traditionally we are used to hanging a photo frame on the wall. However, that has changed today. You can also place the photo frames on a shelf on the wall or you can create an artistic twist by placing the photo frames on the floor.

You can also experiment with different sizes and shapes of photo frames to create a unique and personal look in your interior. It's also fun to mix photos from different moments and events into one collage of photo frames. This way you can display beautiful memories and create a warm atmosphere in your home.