Wall Mural 97x220cm

Order a wall mural 97x220cm from us

Read about wall murals 97x220cm and view the photo wallpaper at Yourdecoration.com. With photo wallpaper in the format 97x220cm you get the effect as if you are looking at something through an open door, and in one example you are looking out through the windows of a garden door.

With the wallpaper with a tropical beach print, you can enhance the effect by aiming a spotlight from the ceiling at the wallpaper. The scene then becomes sunnier, so more of a tropical beach. You can achieve a lot with photo wallpaper.

Yourdecoration.com has all the choice with wall murals

Photo wallpaper is described on the website as a quick and economical method to finish a wall, but that is not enough. You can create atmosphere with a wall mural and make a room appear larger.

For example, if you opt for photo wallpaper beach, you no longer look at the wall because of the perspective, but more into the wall. The room then appears wider or deeper. On the other hand, you can create a cozy and homely atmosphere with wall mural flowers. With photo wallpaper floral motif, or plant motif, another view in the wall because this can also be round wallpaper. It is of course always the case, if you have trouble finishing a wall because of the plaster or the wall is not nice to sauce, you can opt for neutral photo wallpaper.

As an example photo wallpaper wood, which can be used in a home but also in an office, is very neutral and you will soon have a neat wall. The color will combine with the carpet and curtains because wood is a natural color. With photo wallpaper wood you do not explicitly obtain an effect of a view or more depth.