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Photos are invaluable. They also have multiple functions. On the one hand, there are many photos that visualize wonderful memories. For example, from a wonderful holiday to a distant holiday resort with wonderful weather. A place where everyone is enjoying themselves optimally and where you can experience true happiness with your loved ones, but photos can also play an important role in tragic events. A beautiful square 40x40cm photo frame can do its job very well, but photo frames 40x60 cm are also beautiful frames to use.

Nowadays it is no longer common to take and display photos in a physical way at all. The digital media has changed the era, with the result that many more photos are taken and most photos have little value. The average person has thousands of photos on their phone. But they can all be removed that way. This is not the case with photos in frames. They form a tangible reminder of a precious moment.

Add a cute photo frame

For example, in a beautiful 40x40cm photo frame, that precious memory comes into its own even better. You can purchase photo frames from us in different colors, sizes and materials. Are you a cheerful type and do you have a nice colorful photo? Then you can, for example, choose to purchase a light photo frame. But the other way around is of course also possible. That you purchase a dark color, so that a contrast effect is created. With us you can choose from many colors, also colors that undoubtedly fit well with your interior.

In addition, the 40x40cm photo frames in our range are available in different materials, in order to fit in as many interior styles as possible. For example, choose from photo frames made of plastic, wood and aluminum. Our frames are fitted with clear, robust acrylic glass. This makes them extra sturdy, making them last a long time. A suitable photo frame can be found in our range for every interior, and that for a guaranteed competitive price!

We have a wide range of different sizes

A 40x40 cm photo frame is the perfect representation of a special moment that everyone wants to be reminded of. Place the list in a special place in your home that you often visit or pass by to never forget that precious moment. Our photo frames are available in different sizes. So it's easy to find a frame that fits your photo exactly. Various 40x40 cm photo frames are available at, but also many other sizes and dimensions.

To put even more emphasis on your photo, you can also combine the photo frame with a matching passe-partout. For a photo of 30x30 cm, for example, choose a larger photo frame of 40x40 cm. You buy the photo frame in combination with a matching passe-partout in the format 40x40.

This way your framed image gets full attention and fits perfectly in the photo frame. Our passe-partouts are also available in various colors and sizes so that the photo frame fully matches the atmosphere of your interior. If you have further questions about certain products, you can of course always contact our customer service. We are happy to help you find the perfect solution for your images.