Passe Partouts 21x30 cm

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Artworks and photos come into their own in a 21x30 cm passe-partout

With the 21x30cm mats from the collection you are assured of a beautiful and stylish result. In this cardboard frame you can let a photo or work of art come into its own. Our range of photo frames and passe-partouts has been carefully selected in terms of size and colour. So that you can always be sure that the attention is fully devoted to the artwork that you are going to frame. And that's what it's all about in the end, isn't it?

Passe-partouts 21x30cm in a wide range of different colors

When it comes to passe-partouts, offers a wide choice when it comes to color. Naturally, classic passe-partouts in white, off-white and black are possible, but today there are also plenty of options when it comes to outspoken colors. Think of passe-partouts 21x30 cm in wine red, beige and yellow. There are also various options in terms of the border thickness of the passe-partout?. Depending on the chosen passe-partout color, you can now also choose the matching photo frame for your artwork, photo or poster!

Order your favorite passe-partout 

Have you chosen one of's favorite passe-partouts? In that case, you can complete your order online and you will receive the passe-partouts 21x30 at lightning speed. Tip! Order a number of extra colors right away, so that you can change the atmosphere of the photo or artwork all year round.