The Rolling Stones Posters

Loved all over the world; The Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones, a British rock band formed in 1962, have enjoyed a large following of loyal fans since the start of their successful career. Besides the fans of the first hour, countless fans have been added over the years. Mick Jagger, the lead singer of The Rolling Stones, but also the other members of the band are known and loved all over the world.

Tongue and Lips logo

The group wanted a logo. Mick Jagger suggested the Hindu goddess Kali, who is always depicted with a protruding tongue. The designer they hired then made an interpretation of this idea and used Mick Jagger's signature mouth to personalize the logo for the band. The Rolling Stones logo, or the Tongue and Lips logo, dates back to 1970 and is the most famous pop group logo in history. The Rolling Stones Posters with this logo are therefore a popular item.


The Rolling Stones may have been around for some time, they are by no means old-fashioned, The Rolling Stones are timeless. Their music can be heard regularly and the band and the band members, as they are still together, are still in the news. They fall into the same category as, for example, Led Zeppelin, Queen, Pink Floyd, David Bowie and, not to forget, the legendary Beatles. With a poster of your favorite band on the wall, you are daily reminded of their great music and, for example, your own experiences at concerts. At you will easily find a nice collection of posters that match your music taste, such as The Rolling Stones posters for example!