Passe Partouts 28x35 cm

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Color combination of a 28x35 cm passe-partout

A passe-partout 28x35cm serves as an instrument to achieve the correct color balance between the photo frame and the photo. The passe-partout gives the photo "air" and also provides decorative effects. White passe-partouts 28x35 cm are most often used in combination with black and white monochrome images. It is not just the clear white, but also the off-white and all possible variants that suit black and white photos. Cream color, ivory color and soft white are kinder to the eye than snow white. For colored photos, it is important to choose a passe-partout that matches both the photo and the interior. Dark passe-partouts 28x35 cm enhance the intensity of the colour.

Passe-partouts for old engravings and posters

Old engravings often require calm pastel shades that do not distract attention from the work itself. For photos with soft colors, it is recommended to choose calm and muted tones. As a rule, bright colors are used when framing modern pictures and posters. For posters, it is also nice to choose a passe-partout in a color that appears in the image.

The passe-partout 28x35cm and the photo frame in a different colour

In most cases, the color of the 28x35cm passe-partout is different from the color of the photo frame, although sometimes a successful combination is possible with colors that are close to each other. One of the main purposes of a passe-partout is to match the photo and the photo frame with the interior design. However, you should never lose sight of the protective factor of a passe-partout. If you take both factors into account, your photo will retain its charm for years to come.