Map Posters

Create a vintage interior

Do you remember your high school geography lessons? The lessons in which the topography was explained on the basis of a large paper map on a standard, where the teacher stood next to with a stick in hand and indicated the different places on the map? These cards always had such a lovely old school look. Would you also like a bit of worldly vintage in your interior? Then it is a good idea for you to purchase a map poster and give your house a real old school look.

Map posters in your home

The map posters come into their own in many different places in your house. Make it a real eye-catcher in your living room or do you give your office a school look? Wherever you choose to hang the map poster, it will give your home a new and different look. Or how about hanging the map poster in the children's room? This way you have a nice accessory on the wall and they secretly learn something from it.

Give your interior a boost

Ordering a map poster is very easy via You can easily give your home a boost in a very short time. If a map is a bit too close to home for you and you like to look a little further away, take a look at our planets posters. Whichever poster you choose and wherever you hang it, the choice is entirely yours. Do you already know which poster you would like to have at home?