Franz Marc Art Print

The Expressionist World of Franz Marc

When you think of a German Expressionist painter who mainly devoted himself to animal portraits, you immediately think of Franz Marc. Marc wanted to characterize not only the appearance of an animal, but also the inner essence of an animal. He liked to experiment with bright colors. Blue, for example, stood for a man, as he himself described these were rigid and spiritual colors. He used yellow for the feminine, because it is soft and cheerful.

The right filling for your home

Over time, Marc also began to apply cubism more and more. He greatly simplified the forms. As a result, his work began to lean more and more towards the abstract. His latest works also clearly show how he eventually became more involved with abstract expressionism. You may have to love the works of Franz Marc, but one thing is for sure, it is an eye-catcher in your home! Do you have a somewhat boring and bare room, but you don't know exactly what to do with it? Then a masterpiece by Marc would do your room well, because of the bright colors and special works, your room will immediately get a complete makeover.

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