World Map Art Print

World Map Art – always a bit of a journey

There is nothing more fascinating than seeing the whole world on your wall. A world map in your room makes you dream of distant, exotic travels. You have the countries and continents to choose from. Without too much effort you can follow in the footsteps of renowned explorers such as Vasco da Gama or Christopher Columbus. World Map Art is available at in different sizes and designs.

Your wall as a study object

An art print of the world map is not only decoratively interesting, it also increases your geographic knowledge. You will be able to remember names of capitals and oceans like never before. The location of the equator and the north pole hold no more secrets for the lucky owner. Concepts like latitude and meridian fall into place. Make your wall a useful source of knowledge. gives you the choice between different motifs and shades. Are you fascinated by geography in all its facets? Be sure to take a look at our world map paintings. Bring the world into your own room in an original way.

World Map Art – science at its best

World maps have an ancient history and have been indispensable in getting to know our planet. They not only teach us something about the location of, say, Europe and Africa, but also about the history and evolution of our earth. Whether you choose a contemporary or a historical map, you create a unique wall that will never leave you indifferent. Do you want to embellish your room wall with a world map or a different art print? Then quickly order your favorite copy at