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The perfect posters for every room

Are you looking for a poster for a specific room? On you can easily find different posters per room for an office, children's room, classroom, bedroom and living room. For example, we have posters with an educational function such as prints of a map, but also artistic prints and prints by artists. Our posters are of good quality and for sale at a low price. So take a quick look at our offer, because every room becomes more atmospheric with a beautiful poster as decoration!

Posters per room in different sizes

Our posters are available in many shapes and sizes. We offer posters per room in length and width sizes ranging from 26cm to 100cm. has posters for every type of home and office, regardless of the style of these spaces. Think of minimalist posters, colorful children's posters, study posters and prints of beautiful landscapes. Large posters are great as a break through an empty white wall and small posters are perfect on a desk, cupboard or table.

Other products you may find interesting

In addition to posters, we also sell everything you need to present your poster on We have photo frames to hang your purchased poster, passe-partouts to make all your posters fit in your frame and hanging systems. Don't forget our wall murals, these can quickly give larger surfaces more color. What are you waiting for? Quickly choose your favorite from our products and turn your room into the atmospheric space you've always wanted!