Wall Mural Stone

Wall mural stone

Do you give your room an industrial look with one of the brick wall murals, or do you go for a look with beautiful natural stone? We have a large collection of high-resolution photo wallpapers with various stones from the brands Komar, Artgeist and Dimex. A rural, modern and soothing feeling upon entering due to the earthy and rustic atmosphere that the wallpaper reflects.

You can create a completely new style in no time with the photo wallpaper from Yourdecoration.com. You may transform your bedroom, landing or living room, but the photo wallpaper with a stone motif is also a unique addition in the kitchen. This eye-catcher will certainly not go unnoticed upon entering.

In addition, the photo wallpaper stone cannot be distinguished from the real thing, unless you feel over it. This way you have created a completely new look and feel with little cost and effort.

Brick or natural stone wall murals

An industrial decoration of the home is currently the trend. Our brick wall murals are the dot on the "i" to give your home this modern look. Go for the classic red brick or perhaps the brick in white.

There is even a black variant to choose from. Whichever type you choose, this wallpaper will bring the industry into your room and let you go completely with the trend of the moment. Prefer a little more rest? Then go for beautiful natural stone. The natural stone look gives the room a rural look. From gray stone to yellow hue there is the right wallpaper for everyone's taste.

Enjoy this high-resolution photo on the wall and experience natural stone without the inconveniences of real stone such as peeling masonry and dust accumulation. A stone motif is modern and harmonious and fits into almost any interior.

Are you a fan of Marble or do you prefer the concrete look

Nowadays, a photo wallpaper with marble (optic) is extremely popular as a print for the wall. A wallpaper with a marble look represents luxury and beauty. The wallpaper is available in several variants and sizes for a perfect solution in your home or home. Do you already know which room gets a nice makeover with the photo wallpaper from Yourdecoration.com?

A gray concrete look is nice in combination with a colorful interior. This natural atmosphere is easy to implement in the entire interior and to combine with matching accessories. Perhaps you already have a certain accent color that you use in the room. You only need to use this color further so that your new wallpaper becomes one with the rest of the atmosphere. A wall with a photo wallpaper concrete gives peace and balances the space.