Caravaggio Art Print

Caravaggio, the baroque master

Who does not know “Cesto di frutta” or The Fruit Basket by Caravaggio? The most beautiful replicas of this famous still life hang in many restaurants, kitchens and (dining) rooms. The real painting of the Italian Baroque master hangs in the Ambrosiana library in Milan. The actual canvas is 64.5 cm wide by 46 cm high. At you can buy an art print of no less than 80 cm by 56 cm. The painting fits in all interiors. Whether you have a classic interior or a modern minimalist interior, the artwork is a real eye-catcher. In the wicker fruit basket you see summer fruits: an apple, bunches of white and red and purple grapes, green and purple figs, a peach, a yellow pear and a quince.

The most famous fruit basket in the world

The painting is very special in the painter's oeuvre, because the Baroque master mainly painted people, often anatomical paintings. The artworks of this naturalist painter are extremely detailed, it is like looking at a photograph. Where other Baroque painters, as was customary in the Baroque, made things more beautiful than reality, he painted the exact truth. Every unflattering wrinkle, every tear on nails and every tear in clothing, the artist portrayed perfectly. Likewise with the fruit basket. He has thought of every detail, even the wormholes in the fruit. The artist painted Cesto di frutta when he was around twenty, about ten years before his death.

Baroque in a beautiful frame?

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