Passe Partouts 50x50 cm

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You frame square works in one of the passe-partouts 50x50 cm

Does a special photo, a funny poster or an exclusive work of art in square format deserve a special place in your home? Then choose, for example, the stylish and beautiful passe-partouts 50x50cm from The image is easier to frame with a passe-partout and you also prevent the work from coming into contact with the glass plate of the frame. The extra "breathing" space ensures that the full focus is on the work. If you don't have a suitable frame yet, take a look at our collection of photo frames 50x50cm.

A professional machine is used to cut your passe-partout 50x50cm

Anyone who thought that a passe-partout is just a piece of cardboard is wrong. In fact, a professional cutting method is used for a passe-partout. This makes the white slanted edges of the cardboard clearly visible, which immediately creates a nice contrast with the artwork, poster or photo that you are going to frame. Passe-partouts with a size of 50x50 cm are the perfect solution for better presentation of a square image.

Which 50x50cm passe-partout do you prefer?

Nowadays, a passe-partout can be ordered in a wide range of colors. The same goes for Of course you can go for a neutral passe-partout in off-white, black or white, but you also have a choice of passe-partouts in outspoken colors. This allows you to perfectly emphasize an accent from the image. Curious about what possibilities there are? In that case, view the complete collection of passe-partouts with a size of 50x50cm online.