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Timeless Artists

Artists, we often think of them as eccentric and quirky, but gifted. To understand them we need to know what art is. An artist depicts what is in his head in such a way that it arouses emotion. This emotion can be positive or negative, but it should make you think. Art is craftsmanship that is produced in one piece or at most in limited numbers. An artist must be original, will always improve his own art and always keep challenging himself. Art is period dependent, when the Greeks carved out their nudes it was art, if you make such an image now it is no longer art. There are many forms of art: music, dance, drama, photography, film, poetry, but the most famous are sculpture and painting. On we have art prints by many painters.

Netherlands world famous

If we ask internationally to name six artists, the Netherlands comes out very well. Half comes from us. The first thing that comes to people's minds is Leonardo Da Vinci. Then come the two 'legends' from the Netherlands, Vincent van Gogh and Rembrandt van Rijn. Johannes Vermeer is named after Pablo Picasso, but even before Salvador Dalí. Of course has the most beautiful reproductions of the most famous painters.

Modern, abstract or classic

People have painted on walls since prehistoric times. It is in man to express himself. Are you looking for artists for your wall, then we have what you are looking for. We see many abstract black and white line drawings by Picasso that fit well in a modern interior. Michelangelo is classic and has modest color schemes. If you like abstract art, Dalí will probably suit you. Dalí is an artist who made paintings that never bore. Take a look in the classical art category and add it to your shopping cart now.