Passe Partouts 45x60 cm

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You can order a good quality 45x60 cm passe-partout at

A passe-partout from is made of high-quality cardboard and makes every work of art or photo just that little bit more beautiful. The border fills the space between the work and the frame. A passe-partout is placed over or around the image to be framed and ensures that a work of art or photo is well protected against possible damage. Passe-partouts 45x60 cm are available in different colors and do better justice to the image you wish to frame.

Shield part of a photo or work of art with a passe-partout 45x60cm

In addition to the fact that a passe-partout can fill the space between a frame and an image, it can also serve as a screen for an image or photo. Think of a certain angle that can be disturbing. Would you like to show several works in the same list? Even then a 45x60cm passe-partout can offer a great solution. This allows you to easily present multiple watercolor works of art or posters in the same frame, for example, without the work coming into contact with the glass.

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Are you curious about the possibilities with passe-partouts 45x60 cm? View the current collection online and order your favorite color quickly and easily online. Whatever image you would like to frame, the various types of color passe-partouts mean that you can also obtain a suitable color for your image.