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The black photo frames from

Do you want a nice eye-catcher on the wall, but you don't want to spend too much money on it? A work of art on the wall does not have to be expensive at all. Rather, create your own work of art with, for example, sleek black photo frames from

An easy way to change your wall is to print your favorite photos. You can then frame these photos in, for example, a timeless black photo frame. Framing photos has been a thing of the past for a while now. It is of course a great shame that your most beautiful photos only remain digital and are never framed.

Another fun and playful way to give your wall more attention is to create a photo wall. A combination of different photo frames is ideal for this.

For example, choose four photos with your family members or those of your dog and choose 4 black photo frames in different sizes. But you can also frame a beautiful drawing, a saying, a pamphlet, poster or another image in a photo frame. Let your imagination run wild.

In addition to your own photos, the internet offers a huge selection of beautiful images. On our website you will find an extensive collection of posters, as well as various types of art prints and photos from well-known photographers. Hang a unique piece in a photo frame on the wall for a beautiful decoration.

A photo frame in black is always good

What's the best way to frame your photos to make them look better? And which photo frame color should you choose? The colors anthracite, gold and black are currently very trendy and for good reason.

A black photo frame attracts attention, and that is of course the intention. A black photo frame also fits perfectly in any home interior or in your office space. Black photo frames are timeless and elegant, making them a perfect fit for an industrial interior, for example.

A black photo frame can be combined with almost all colors. Keep this in mind when creating a work of art and choosing photo frames. has an extensive range of black photo frames in various materials, sizes and thicknesses.

Also take a look at our range of black photo frames with dimensions 30x40, 40x50 and 50x70 cm. Choose a larger size with a wider black photo frame for a work of art.

You make a statement with a black photo frame. You can be sure that you will always find the perfect black photo frames with us.

Black photo frames in different materials

A black aluminum photo frame has a sturdy yet luxurious look, with a nod to industrial. If you choose a black photo frame made of this material, success is assured. A good choice. Abstract images or photos in black and white in particular match particularly well with this material, which is also very easy to maintain.

Our black photo frames are available in all sizes with the option of adding a passepartout. Read all about this on our website and see what your options are!

A stylish black wooden photo frame fits anywhere and is a real eye-catcher. These wooden black photo frames are available with various profiles. For example, the Birmingham profile has a slight curve and the style is neutral but tends slightly towards a rural look. Profile London is a bit stricter in style.

Or choose the Liverpool profile if you want a black photo frame with a gold edge on the inside.

If you want a sleek frame with a narrow profile, a black plastic photo frame is an excellent and cheap option. supplies black photo frames made of high-quality matt plastic, but also frames made of high-quality high-gloss plastic. The choice is yours, it's a matter of personal taste.

An alternative to a black wooden photo frame is a photo frame made of MDF, a material with a natural appearance that ultimately also contains wood (fiber). offers a wide choice of various sizes of black photo frames in this material and the profile of the MDF photo frame can also be supplied in various widths.

Whatever format you are looking for, we have unprecedented options

Our black photo frames are elegant, timeless and fit into any modern interior. No matter how large the size of your photo or image, you will undoubtedly find the right dimensions at We even have suitable frames for particularly large photos. We also offer square frames. Your photo is not an obstacle for us, rather a challenge.

You can also have your photo frame custom made. You can enter any desired size up to a maximum size of 80x100 cm. This way you will undoubtedly find the best solution for your space based on the available space and your expectations in terms of look & feel.

Black is not gloomy but rather hip, chic, trendy, industrial and using it shows good taste and courage. In fact, also use a black passepartout in the photo frame and be amazed by the end result. We can supply a matching passe-partout in various colors for almost all black photo frames. This way you can quickly and easily create a unique piece to hang on the wall.

In addition, black photo frames, regardless of the material, are perfect for combining with autumn colors, for example. It looks beautiful if you frame dried leaves from the forest and then hang them on the wall.

In any case, black is a wonderful way to bring any theme to life.

Multiple photo frames or not?

Especially if you only hang a single black photo frame in a smaller size, it may be dwarfed. Choose black photo frames with photos in the same theme or style for a beautiful photo wall. Two, three or four black photo frames can be easily combined.

Create a composition by hanging the photo frames on the wall in a unique way, for example a triptych or 3x3 composition. It is not always good to hang a black photo frame next to a large black photo frame.

Always view the result critically and from a distance. If desired, ask others for their opinion to get a balanced picture. With a large black photo frame, also pay attention to correct mounting or the type of wall on which you want to hang a black frame.

Do you need inspiration, specific questions or special wishes about your black photo frame? Don't be afraid to reach out to our expert customer service. We are of course happy to help you in your search for the ideal black photo frame for your memories.